Many women dream of dense and thick eyelashes. Unfortunately not all ladies have been so generously endowed by Mother Nature. Luckily volume enhancing eyelash extensions are here to solve that problem.

Can I get eyelash extensions if my natural eyelashes are sparse?

Yes, definitely. The thickness of your natural eyelashes has no negative effect on the end result of eyelash extension application. Correctly performed procedure doesn’t affect your natural eyelashes – they will stay as healthy as before. Your new eyelash extensions are lightweight and very comfortable – you will feel no difference once they are applied. Many of you might wonder how is this possible? Well, many years of research and development gave us an understanding of how to distribute the weight of lash extensions onto your natural lashes so that it feels natural and light.

Those of you who suffered from less than desired effects of previous eyelash treatments, leaving your lashes sparse or creating gaps, could achieve a full density look by getting eyelash extensions.

What are the most popular volume methods?

The most commonly used techniques are 2D / 3D (more natural look) or 4D-10D – so called Russian Volume, which gives a dramatic effect of full lash fans. These techniques are more durable than 1:1 method, mainly because with the 1:1 you might loose individual lashes and end up with a gap in your lash line. With Volume methods loosing individual lashes doesn’t create a visible gap because the lashes crossover each other covering up any missing extensions.

Who can perform eyelash extension application?

Eyelash extension application should always be performed by a certified and experienced stylist. Training and certification are important as the stylist needs to know how to match the right type of eyelash extension to your natural lashes, decide on the thickness and length so that you get the desired effect. Getting your lashes done professionally you can rest assure your natural lashes are in safe hands and you will be able to enjoy a fab looking set of lash extensions.

New developments in the science of eyelash extensions made it extremely popular and a highly sought after service. Therefore, it is very important to stay up to date and learn new things to meet the ever rising client expectations.