To be able to enjoy your beautiful lashes for longer follow these simple steps:

1. Avoid contact with water for approximately 2 days post application

You should avoid a prolonged exposure to water up to 2 days after application. Other things that might affect the durability of your eyelashes include tears and steam or water vapor – these things affect the still fresh adhesive and might cause your lashes to fall out. To prevent it from happening try to avoid going to the swimming pool or sauna.

2. Ditch your mascara

If you’d like to keep your new lashes looking fresh and beautiful for longer, avoid using mascara – especially a waterproof one. Waterproof mascara can only be removed with the use of oil based products, and those can cause the adhesive to dissolve. On top of that, removing a waterproof eye make-up is difficult and can lead to unnecessary tugging and pulling, and consequently shorten the life of your new lashes.

3. Say NO to greasy products

Getting eyelash extensions is all about convenience but to keep them looking fab and enjoy them for longer make sure your everyday face cleansing products are oil, glycol, and alcohol free. Swap those for micellar water or lightweight cleansing lotions.

4. Take care of them everyday

Proud owners of beautiful eyelash extensions should take care of them everyday by simply combing them with a small mascara-like brush. This will ensure your lashes look tidy and retain their shape. Daily care is also about the things we shouldn’t do – the less interference with your lashes the better they look and the longer they keep. Try not too rub your eyes excessively, or use an eyelash curler – this thing can damage not only your lash extensions but also your natural eyelashes.