Eyelash extension services keep getting more and more popular due to the convenience and ease of application. Therefore, it is important to know the pros and cons of getting them done.

Pros of eyelash extensions

  1. Firstly, there’s no need to worry about having to apply your mascara. After shower panda eyes are a distant memory.
  2. Eyelash extension is appropriate for people of all ages
  3. Eyelash extension procedure can be done multiple times with no risk to your natural lashes – as long as it’s done by a professional.
  4. Eyelash extensions feel very light and natural
  5. Eyelash extension application is completely pain free, and doesn’t affect the condition of your natural lashes
  6. Wide range of products available makes it easy to achieve any effect you like

Cons of eyelash extensions

  1. It’s important to take a good care of your new lashes. You have to remember not to rub your eyes extensively, or pick on your lashes.
  2. You should also avoid products that are greasy or oil based – your face and eye cream should also be light weight.
  3. Your eyelash extensions might fall out or change shape as your natural lashes grow.
  4. You need to fill them in regularly, which implies some time commitment and additional cost.

As you can see eyelash extensions have both advantages and disadvantages. For most of us it’s mostly about the aesthetics, time saving, and above all – comfort and convenience.