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CoCo Brow Henna Bottle 10g
CoCo Brow Henna Bottle 10g
CoCo Brow Henna Bottle 10g
CoCo Brow Henna Bottle 10g
CoCo Brow Henna Bottle 10g

CoCo Brow Henna Bottle 10g

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CoCo Brow Henna is a line of products for the treatment of brow tinting with natural henna, with a tattoo effect on the skin. The product is natural henna consisting of, among other things, the extract from the leaves of the Lawsonia shrub and indigo. It contains extracts of cocoa tree. It is rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, and other trace elements and vitamins that are beneficial for your skin. After this procedure, in addition to darkening the hair, it becomes more shiny and healthy.



We offer 5 shades of henna, so you can easily select the right one for each type of personal coloring. If you want to get a more unusual shade than the basic colors of our offer, you can also mix some shades. Just remember to perform a test and remember the proportions of mixed colors. 

CoCo Brow Henna does not oxidize into unwanted shades such as yellow or green. It is very easy to use and resistant to external factors. 


How do I properly prepare the henna?

Mix the henna powder with the activator until it has the consistency of soy sauce. 

You can replace the activator with warm tap water, but remember, this will mean the shad of the henna won’t be as intense as after the activator.



How do I properly apply the henna?

Apply the CoCo Brow Henna in layers, remembering the best effects can be achieved by applying 3 layers. Three layers give you an expressive and deep colour, as well as a better durability. 

Remember that the first layer is the base, which is why we apply it very thinly.

Then apply the rest of the layers, remembering that each layer should dry before applying the next one.

To wash off the CoCo Brow henna, simply use a cotton pad and some warm water.



To extend the effect of the treatment, apply CoCo Brow oil on your eyebrows and skin. Its job is to saturate the eyebrow colour and improve the regeneration and reconstruction of the hair structure.


Depending on the type of skin, the effect lasts up to two weeks on the skin and up to four weeks on the hair. 

Consistency: powder 

Shelf life: 12 months after opening 

48 h before using the product, perform an allergy test. 

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